It’s that time again! Bloom will be doing Super Doubles (up to 1.99) on June 1st (tomorrow) and June 7th! I will be putting the matchups up a little later today!






Bloom trip 5/16

This is my Bloom shopping trip from Monday. They had the deal going on where if you bought 2 Tyson Chicken Family Packs you got Popsicle, Rolls, French Fries, and Pictsweet veggies for FREE!!! Great deal even without coupons!. I got the dog food for 9.49 and the downy for 3.99. The toaster strudels had peelie on them and i spent a little of 2 bucks for both of them. Altogether i spent about 25.00  and saved 35.00. Not too shabby 🙂