My shopping this week

OK!!!! I did NOT have a  great shopping week this week. I got pretty disappointed with myself, honestly. However I need to remember that I am STILL building a stockpile. So some weeks are going to go much better than others. and I really didn’t do that bad.  I went to Giant on Thursday and Harris Teeter and Safeway.

Here they are all separated out for you.

Giant (all the prices reflect coupon usage)

Martin’s Hoagie Rolls(needed these for dinner tonight) 3.39

(2) EggLand Best Large Egg 1 Dozen .88×2=  1.76

(20) Yoplait Yogurt 8.00

(2) Finish Dish Tabs 4.00

(2) Ortega Soft Taco Dinner Kit 2.00

(1) HUGGIES Pull-ups FREE (thanks to their rewards program)

(1) Seventh Generation Diapers Size 2 (for my sis who is expecting her 5th in July) 3.99

(2) Hormel Pepperoni 4.00

(2) Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 4.00

(4) Tomatoes 2.99

TOTAL=34.12 (savings were 40.34)

Harris Teeter

Tetley Tea Bags= FREE

Glad Trash Bags w/ Febreze 40ct 5.74

(2) Kraft Dressing 1.00 (my HT doesn’t let you use coupons on free items)

Nescafe Coffee individuals= FREE

(2) Smart Balance Spray 1.88

(2) Ortega Refried Beans 1.58

Margaret Holmes Canned Spinach= FREE

(2) Margaret Holmes Canned Turnip Greens= FREE

French’s Mustard =.19

(2) Starkist YellowFin Tuna= FREE

HT Reusable Bag= .99

Clearasil Face Wash= 2.99 (really needed this item)

HT never has anything that i go there for. Out of the 20 things that i went for today they only had 5. I am NOT good at rearranging my list and making sure i still am getting good deals.  I am NOT an on the go couponer LOL

TOTAL= 16.25 (total savings were 34.16)


(7) assorted Pepsi 2 Liters= 6.23

Charcoal= 4.99

London Broil= 3.12 (1.99/lb)

Top Round Roast =.94 (1.99/lb)

Ground Beef 80/20 =.96 (1.99/lb)

Red Delicious Apples=1.28 ($/1 lb)

zucchini= .63 ($1/1lb)

Squash= .52 ($1/1lb)

White Potatoes 5 lb= 3.99

Fresh Express Lettuce Trio=1.00

Fresh Express Spinach=1.00

(2) Strawberries= .34

Blueberries= 2.99

Blackberries= 3.99

The blackberries and blueberries were B1G1 BUT they told me that i could just do the B1G1 on them together instead of getting 2 packs each. Well, that didn’t happen. I’m really frustrated about this, and as far as i know, there is nothing i can do about it. If i had known this i would have just bought the 2nd pack for each and made jam or canned it! Bleh oh well LOL

TOTAL=49.20 (savings were 54.87)

Every week is a learning experience. I hope you enjoy following me and learning along with me. If you have ANY tips or tricks PLEASE leave a comment.

How was your shopping this week?


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