Do you budget???

This is a good read on budgeting. We are not so good at budgeting here at my house LOL. We do OK about not living beyond our means, but I believe that we could do really well if we budgeted. That’s why I have started keeping grocery receipts ,and the like, so I can start to see about how much we spend. I will go from there and just try budgeting this one area. Then we will see about budgeting everything else. I know, I know, your supposed to budget according to EVERYTHING you earn and spend. For us though,i think this is the best way to start. I think budgeting should be done by everyone, we all want a savings for retirement, right? Or money to send our kids to college (if that’s what they choose).

How does your family budget?? Do you have a really good strategy that everyone could use?


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